Let’s start, shall we?

You can call me Bazookasamurai. Since when did I use that name? Now. How did I come up with that name? I dont know. Maybe I just tried to combine 2 words that sounded cool to me that time (was thinking of the video games banjoe kazooie and afro samurai that time) and voilah!!! An instant username for me.

The nick for me is sweet. Kinda embodies what I really want to happen at my blog. I will just write what I care about and that’s it. This is not a diary of my daily happenings. That’s the job of facebook and twitter (and I dont even do that).

You can see from my tagline “What I give a crap about shows here…”. Look, that’s not original. I took it from Attack of the Show, one of the shows I get addicted to. They have this semi-catch phrase,  “TV’s only source for all the stuff you care about”. And it was fun. An hour filled with gadgets, games, comics, internet stuff, and almost every thing that we would be interested about. They know their audience and it made the show cool.

Look, I’m not planning to be like them with this blog. I have ideas, and it maybe similar to them. But then, I’ll just stick to my tagline. I am not a TV show so I dont have to stick with what they do. Politics, sports, tech, as long as I give a crap about it, expect it to have a space in this blog.

So what the heck am I trying to say on this post? Errrr… I dont know. Just something to start off I guess. Anyway, welcome to my blog and to my world. Thanks for reading!


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