Someone once told me that I am critic on almost everything. If you’re a friend of mine, that would be hard to imagine (you just wont see it in me). But then again, yes, I tend to notice things and see all the negatives as if I am soooo perfect.

But hey! I guess we do have common concerns. And what I am showing you are some things that popped in my head that most of you may not notice, but indeed needs a whole lot of change… very badly

The Never-ending Super Mario Storyline

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mario and enjoyed playing all its games. But then, in almost all of the games in any Mario game, the story (should we even call it a story?) goes out as, Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser and its up to Mario to save her. For over 2 decades, Peach didn’t even try to beef up her security to avoid this from happening all over again. If this is real life, the CIA and UN Security Council would meddle with her problems.

If you just try that on bowser, everything is done. For now wipe Luigi's sh*t.

And Mario is what we call the perfect martyr. You he’ll be up against a bunch of booby traps and all those insane boss battles but here he is still, saving his one and only Peach. Does he even know the word “move on”?

What Mario should do next time is bring all the guns used in Half-Life and Doom (esp. BFG to kill all of them) and shoot the hell out of Bowser. Let there be blood and make sure Bowser gets slaughtered.


I am infested for a whole decade knowing that every night I will see the same old drama show. What happened to the weekly shows like Palibhasa Lalake? As far as I know there is an assigned show for each day of the week.

I never knew how all of these ended. I dont watch them at all.

To whoever thinks that this concept is working, you’re wrong. I want the old TV schedule! I hate seeing the pattern peasant-turns-rich-gets-revenge storyline. And if you run out of ideas, you’ll just do a remake as if it’s a creative move. Yeah, yeah! Whatever!

Cover Versions of Songs Over and Over Again

Fact: all cover songs had to complete the 7 dragon balls before being revived

I only see one legit reason for this. This mostly helps upcoming artists to have a sure shot of having a hit. But that isn’t even proven to be a good formula. You forgot that we have lots of composers that can still have a bunch under their sleeves. Or are they even buried under their sleeves?

Emos and Jejemons

To the Emos: I’m cool with the music, I respect that. If you have bleeding and suicide, reggae has smoking weed, RnB has having sex sensually. What most of us didn’t like is how you made it a trend and made a following of people who listens to you and think they are hardcore in that sense. Your angst are going nowhere.

haynaku! Kayo na lang poew ang bahalah maazahr sa khunealah! jejejeje!

To the Jejemons: Finally you caught our attention. Now go back to where you are from! Your way of communicating is not funny, even entertaining. You just piss a certain person by busting their heads off just by deciphering your messages. I am so not gonna add any jejemon on my friend list.


When I was a kid, I used to be scared of vampires that they might suck my blood. Now, teenagers go ga-ga over them that they are even willing to be blood-sucked by these creatures. Anne Rice and Bram Stoker would have cut their heads off by now because of this vampire craze.

they made vampires really look cool... and something else.

Those are just some of what I noticed and would die for just to see a change or not even see them. Some may find it anti-social, some may just find me as KSP. But then again, what do I know? These are just my opinions that I guess I am entitled to. Freak!

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