I am (somehow) AWESOME!!!


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It’s just so funny I do have different impressions on different groups of people. I chatted with a friend of mine from another company I used to worked at. And she would ask me what’s up with me, specifically, my latest object of affection. And I really had to react. Latest object of affection? Do I always have a flavor of the moment?

Just to give you an idea, I havent been dating for 2 years now, and this would always be the topic of every joke of my friends in my current office. In other words, they would think I’m this guy with an L on my forehead. But then again, those are just jokes, a way for us to laugh.

What I didnt realize is that my former officemates thinks otherwise. I actually get a whole lotta a respect from them like I am Tucker Max or Barney Stinson. Oh well, different people, different impressions.  All of a sudden, I think I am awesome! Wait for it!

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