When Kids Turn to the Dark Side…

They’re cute, cuddly, adorable, and any sweet thing you can think of. Also, they can kill you. Be careful, be very careful…

Drew Barrymore, meet your long lost sister

Hey Drew, here is another of your long lost siblings

Dammit how many of you kids can start fire!!!

She can kill you with her pencil

Medusa lives!

"I should be the sole heir to Nosotros Shipment!"

You will obey! I will watch Barney the whole day!

Somehow, Someway, Somewhere, Someone is rejoicing...

You're great in Sudoku, washing dishes, guessing the American Idol winner, and mimicking Jar-Jar Binks! And now you beat me at chess?! The only thing I know that can make Mom and Dad proud of me?! Stop ruining my life! I dont want to be in your shadow!

"Oh this kid of mine? She's an illusionist."

I’d better be more careful if I were you.

Photos from Collegehumor.com


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