Am I still a poser?!

After I graduated from college, I decided that instead of getting a job, I would join a band. I’ve been wanting to join one but then I am stuck at studies (not) and other “extra-curricular activities” (another NOT). There’s just one problem though, I can only be a vocalist and nothing else. In other words, I dont know how to play any decent instrument, which makes me think all the time that I am a poser.

Excluding showbands , most band vocalists know how to play at least one musical instrument. It’s a prerequisite since not because they also have to play on stage, but they have to do the songwriting, like it’s every frontman’s default job.

Thanks to my sister’s Miles keyboard, I learned how to play one by myself. But then, the question still remains “Are there any vocalists who dont know how to play any instrument?”. Again, we have to exclude showbands.

I discovered today a page from Yahoo! Answers that tells everything about it. It came as a surprise for me, since the ones posted are iconic. They are not accurate though, but then it can give hope on me, someone who’s still not good with playing anything.

At least I can compare myself with the likes of these legends when it comes to that aspect...


2 Responses to “Am I still a poser?!”

  1. it’s cool eventhough you dont know how to play any instrument..just make sure you have a good voice to back it up
    x-links tayo :)

  2. sure thing man. thanks for the motivation!

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