Comic Book Movies… Pinoy Style

Magtataglish ako. Trip lang. This is my blog after all.

Di pa naman ako umay pero parami nang parami na ang comic book movies we’re seeing. Thanks to technology, we can finally see how spider-man should really look like when he climbs walls, how big Hulk should really be when he’s angry, and how Batman‘s voice should really sound like (see: Christian Bale).

But then, what if our own cinema (meron pa ata) just followed this trend? Nope, dont answer me with things like fantaseryes. Recycled na ang mga characters (Panday, Darna) and they cant stay true to the comic book (pilay si Darna, Smallville-ish Captain Barbel, Alien Lastikman).

Anyway, since we can only make these types of movies kapag Filmfest, and malakas lang trip ko, I think we should make a list of which PINOY comic book character should be made into a movie. I asked a panel of experts to vote on what they think should make the cut… kaso busy sila. So I just made my own list. Enjoy!


WHY? Where were you when they were shown in Funny Komiks? You had a very bad childhood then. Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes should direct this since they are known in making that… and si Mrs. Montero na lang ang nakilala ko from them after they made Magic Kingdom. Ganda ng transition noh?

WHO SHOULD PLAY COMBATRON? Kahit sino na lang. Who gives a crap?! Di naman madalas makita si Empoy (Cobatron’s real identity ) sa komiks e. Basta kaya dalhin yung mabigat na bakal na costume, pwede na.


WHY? Lydon’s Gregorio’s strips are so damn funny. It should be shown in the big screen. Let him write the script. Please lang parang awa nyo na!

WHO SHOULD PLAY THEM? If you can find a way to put Eugene Domingo in the mix, then we’re all set. Pero kung hindi, kahit yung mga nagbinata at nagdalagang cast ng Going Bulilit na lang. Kaya na nila yun. Malaki na sila. Tutal coming of age rin naman to e. Adik lang nga.


WHY? Saves a lot of money for costume… and for lead actor‘s talent fee. Aber, try mo si Piolo jan?! Di na nga convincing yun, mahal pa ibabayad mo sa kanya.

WHO SHOULD PLAY HIM? Lucky for the guys, there’s no more prominent uber-sized actor I can think of since Ike Lozada. I guess we need to reboot this just a bit. Instead of a guy, Superblag will be a girl. And who should FIT the role? Choose between Ruby Rodriguez and Juana Change. No, dont put Eugene Domingo in the mix (although she really is funny).


WHY? Cause we look like one I guess. Just laugh at our own selves.

WHO SHOULD PLAY THEM? The usual budget of a local movie is short. And b short, I mean none. So we have to maximize our resources. That means we cant use prosthetics, just improvise with make up. So for this movie, Long Mejia very much fit Matsutsu’s character, while Jimmy Santos can be Baradagul.


WHY? J. L Rowling released 4 books before they decided to make a movie for Harry Potter. Stephanie Meyer released 4 Twilight books before they made a movie out of the book series. Pol Medina released more than 20 books in 2 decades and still didnt get any. Let’s be fair to the guy.

WHO SHOULD PLAY THEM? If the Bad Bananas were still complete then we’re halfway done. Then again (thinking)… aha! Just put Juana Change and Ruby Rodriguez here, Bobot Mortiz, Jugs of Showtime, Monty of Mayonnaise and Erap Estrada as the main characters (minus the stache, Erap). Cast in some chubby politicians and we’re all set. Polgas should not be CG but a real dog ala Underdog lang. Okay fine! Let Dagul play the role of Polgas.

There you go! Hope you like my list. And after reading this, I hope you still read my blog. Ciao!

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