As We Pay Homage to a Fossil

I haven’t posted for a while. I guess nothing interesting has happened… until a few minutes ago. I got the news from that a certain research proved that the Triceratops didnt exist at all. Then I said “what?!”. They were not joking. It is for real. The Triceratops is just a younger version of a Torosaurus, which I honestly dont give a crap about.

A lot of things came to my head: Really? Woah! Are you serious? You gotta be kidding me! Holy Crap! Get out of here! I mean this is one of the beloved dinosaurs that pop-culture tried to inflict us. After all these years, it’s just a goddamn caterpillar to a Torosaurus’ butterfly (and again I dont give a crap how it looks like).

Next thing that came to my head was the Blue Ranger. Poor little thing. You represent the three-horned dino, you look like a loser, and in the end, you still are. So if the Power Rangers just be aired in the year 2010, Billy should be the Blue… Barney? Good thing I’m a solid Red Ranger fan.

And with that, we bid our goodbyes to a dinosaur we thought really existed, thought was a part of a great super team, and thought was our defense if in case the big T-Rex would come out to eat us (just in case they come back to haunt us). To you, dear Triceratops, we salute you. Roar!

Wait, they dont roar. What the heck!

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One Response to “As We Pay Homage to a Fossil”

  1. Triceratops still exists, it’s Torosaurus we say goodbye to. Since the name Triceratops was coined first, it takes priority over the name Torosaurus.

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