Totally Unplugged…

I am a guy who gets wasted with music. If music is alcohol, I’d be in rehab now. Maybe it all started when I first heard the wonderful blending music of Queen or the numerous times I mimic Don McClean doing guitars while singing American Pie. And from then on, my preferences have evolved through the years. And by evolved, I mean I had the chance to listen to the Backstreet Boys… and liked them.

As I grew up (aged), I had stuck on the rock genre along with its subgenres. Give credit to the Eraserheads, they made us all feel that every single thing can be made into a song and it will still sound good. In other words, poetic lyrics suck.

Right now, I’m a big fan of Breaking Benjamin. Yes, Breaking Benjamin. Haven’t heard of it? I figured. They’re not in the mainstream yet. And I don’t know if they will be. Anyway, every now and then, I try to look for new material that I can add to my playlist. Face it, it makes you sick listening to the same old Elvis song.

So as I browse into YouTube, I saw a video that  has “Acapella” in it. Not like it’s a big deal. This acapella thing is very common now,  thanks to the Gleeks. What makes this different though is that the user makes acapella covers of her favorite bands. Talk about Linkin Park, Sick Puppies, Evanescence, and yes, even Breaking Benjamin.

Dear music-lovers with open-ears, I present to you, user newbeginning212 and her rendition of Breaking Benjamin’s Give Me A Sign.

By the way, did I mention that she records all the parts of each song? No? Okay. Sorry. Just human. Anyway, you can check her own channel  here.

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