Name That Baby!!!

My sister just swallowed one whole watermelon. If you’re a Filipino and you translate it word per word, you know it simply meant she is pregnant. She’s young, with a whole lot of things to  go on her way, and then she just chose to get screwed. Very nice decision.

But enough of her, this blog is not about her. I’m just excited with my nephew about to come out in a month. Yes, it’s a boy, they saw his penis on the Ultra Sound. Then I asked my sister what she will name her little bundle of awesomeness.  She’s still not sure yet (pesky teenagers), but she said she wants to have the name Ethan in it. Then I said “what?”

I don’t have anything against it, that’s her kid. For me though, having an American or European name for an Asian kid, is just too much here in the Philippines. Since the kids are so adorable, they think it’s a good idea to have an adorable name for them, thus come those American names:  John, Paul, Mark, Stephen, etc. That would be their usual first names.

Yes, first names. Kids here usually have 2 names. John Vincent, Mark Anthony, Christian Angelo, Mary Grace, Mary Joy, Mary Ann. Hell, I even knew an officemate whose full name is John Jeff Paul Christian. By the looks of it his parents are avid fans of the Bible. Has anyone ever thought of naming their babies Barak?

It’s very much different in the old generation (stress on the word OLD). Filipino names derived from the Spanish occupation. So those Mexican soap opera names (Alejandro, Alfredo, Pepito, Ambrosio, Procopio, Prospero, Rolando) are very common back then. Very back then. But neither do I want my nephew to be named like that.

So I suggested that my sister give an Asian name for his baby, very much like Suri and Shiloh, those celebrity daughters of Tom Cruise and Brangelina.  Blame it on me. I always want things to be unique, even when naming kids.

But hell, it was just easier said than done. If you want to try to check on the internet and look for any Asian names, its either you will get Japanese or Middle-Eastern ones. Salah al din, Labib, Gabir, Abu, Abdullah, and all other names that are very unfamiliar for us. Akira, Haruko, Takeshi, Sayaka, and others would fit the baby’s name if the parents love JRPG and J-Rock. I even saw an English name, Bacon. Don’t even ask me its meaning.

The pork industry holds the copyright to this name...

Just to save me some time, I ended my namehunt. I’ll save it for my own kid. This is too much for me. So I guess Ethan is just fine. Me and my suggestions. Geez!

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