On A More Serious Note: The Philippines (Awfully) Did It Again…

Our country hit the news once again all over the world. And it’s not involving Manny Pacquiao. And it’s not even to be proud of. Much worse, it involved other people’s lives. People who are just visiting our place and see the sights. People who just wanted to have a vacation. People who should have just enjoyed their stay here.

We all know what happened here. A former police officer, Rolando Mendoza, hijacked a bus with several Hong Kong Nationals inside. What started out as a calm negotiation, ended as a bloodbath for the entire world to see.

I was one of those who watched it on our local TV stations. Knowing myself as a joker, I would just crack about the whole situation since I believed this will be sorted out peacefully, especially when foreigners are involved. Alas, my wise-cracking demeanor suddenly changed. My jokes turned to worries. I became a spectator who would cheer, scream, and even get relieved for every development that happened during the drama.

Next thing I know, CNN is already covering us live. And for sure, if this ended badly, we’re screwed… and it did.

When I get back to work that night, I checked on every news organization’s website. We were everywhere like a virus quickly spreading. CNN, BBC, Associated Press, heck, only Reuters didn’t have it on their Top Stories. I even saw the article from Yahoo News that law enforcement in the Philippines is really weak and kidnap-for-ransom is very common with us (article already expired) . On a local Hong Kong newspaper, the situation was described as “Slaughter”. I cannot beg to disagree anymore.

One survivor by the name of Bang Lu Min still had time to post to the internet everything that went on inside the bus. Reading it simply shatters me. (Although I have to admit, I cant find the original source to verify the authenticity of the post)

Nevertheless, our law enforces awfully handled this. I am no genius to tell you what should really be done, but there are better ways that this has been dealt. They haven’t learned from the Pasay hostage crisis and waited for it to go on a larger scale.

Dear policemen, you are good-for-nothing-big-bellied lunatics who don’t know how to solve a crisis, let alone how to use a sledgehammer. We all know this can be prevented. And you just let casualties pour in. Shame on you!

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