What Kind of Shooting Hand Do You Have, Allan Caidic???

Yes, I would like to ask PBA Legend Allan Caidic that question. The Triggerman apparently scored ONLY 54 points in an exhibition game consisting of PBA Legends, D-League Players, and NBA Legends namely Glen Rice, Chris Webber, Mitch Richmond, and Gary Payton. And no he didn’t drive and just played like a Kobe Bryant to get that. He converted 14 3-pointers. Correct me if I’m wrong but I dont remember any NBA player doing that in a single game.

To those who dont know him, he’s no Kobe Bryant, but his career high is just above 70 points. That was the time when the cross-over was still not invented and point guards dribble at their waist level.


This is just an exhibition game. No bearing at all. And the final score was 177-167 with Caidic’s team winning it. But, man, his shooting came at the right place at the right time, when old NBA players come to play, and are all praises for the guy. And maybe it was also a wrong time because he’s retired and cannot play anymore.

But be it an exhibition game or not, it’s hard for you to hit 14 triples in a game. The only reason Kobe hit 81 is that his teammates kept giving him the ball (aside from being a ballhog). It’s the same thing that was done to him.

If basketball was just catch and shoot and height will not a factor, maybe, just maybe, the Philippines can qualify in the Olympics. And Allan Caidic will just shoot the lights out of everyone. To bad, you’re retired now. If only basketball players are ageless like billiards.

I propose cloning Allan Caidic for Team Pilipinas to produce a lot of pure shooters.


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