Straight From The Mediocre Gamer’s Mind (09/02/10)

Oh my, September is already here and we all know what that means. Yes! October is up next!!! But anyway, before everything else would get more senseless, here’s a rundown of all things happening just recently to the world of my favorite past time — videogames.

Metroid: Other M Gets Mixed Reviews

Abbie Heppe, what did Samus Aran do to you to give her this kind of review?!!! Metroid: Other M, Wii’s side- scroller/first-person hybrid, gets a 2/5 from G4. While others think that it’s a brand new take on Nintendo’s storied franchise, G4 thinks otherwise. Giving the lead character Samus a more personified approach (and a whole lot of appearances by her ass) destroys the winning formula that Metroid always had in its games.

If you’ll ask me, the only game I played in the Metroid franchise was Metroid Prime: Corruption. It was awesome although I hate the feeling of being alone on its missions. I haven’t tried the latest one yet (because I don’t own a Wii anymore). I do care their review though more than any other gaming websites. A rating of 3 to 5 is considerable but below than that is something that could destroy my day.

* But Samus is a nice name for a baby girl dont you think?

New Xbox Controller Announced

I already made a comment about this on one of the blogs I follow. Only one thing I can say about this — sexy!!! If I can only use this for my PS3, that would be legendary.

Playstation Move out on September 17

The real battle begins. Take your pick

When I bought the Wii, I bought a system that can bind the whole family together again and enjoy one whole session of playing tennis without even thinking how ridiculous they look like swinging the Wii-mote. If ever I buy the Wii HD a.k.a. PS Move, we’re not just playing tennis. We’re playing tennis with light bulbs as a bonus.

Seriously, Sony, give us a decent game made exclusively for the Move, and I’ll reconsider. For now, I wont buy it despite the good feedbacks so far.

Xbox Live Arcade Subscription Increase

First of all, I don’t give a crap about this since I don’t have a 360… and I don’t play online. I rarely go to PSN as well.  According to reports, the said increase will be effective November 1. That’s what I call real HORROR.

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