Before I Die

If you’ll ask how old is BazookaSamurai, Im gonna tell you, Im old. Not grandpa old, the late 20’s old. And by this time I should have done a lot of things in my life. NOT.

So many things to do, so little time, so little money. That’s what I always reason out. The thing is its true. We do want to do a lot of things in our short spanned life but we are bound to have limits and some of it cant really happen.

But thanks to my friend Ash (Special mention. Blush now), I have made a list of things I want to do before I die. There’s only one criteria needed to be listed: I shouldn’t have tried, even just a percentage of it, at all. So don’t expect threesome and smoking pot to be on this list.

Also, it should be feasible. So don’t count on me to put here “marrying Paris Hilton”.

And this list doesn’t end here. I have thought of these things just now. I might think of more the next day so it’s better if I post them now and then just post the rest maybe after a week or so.

I better not talk too much and just give you the first batch of my list:

Visit Temples of Different Religions. I’m just intrigued with other religions. Not that I want to convert myself into a Buddhist monk or something. I guess I just want to pay respect with the other existing religions other then Catholicism. And yes, Scientology counts here as well (just so I can see Tom Cruise in person).

what a lovely scenery

Hug a Tiger Cub. I think this one is about to happen. My friend invited me to go to a zoo in Tiendesitas where we can hug a baby tiger. I hope the cub wont think I’m something for dinner. I’m gaining weight now.

Not exact plan on meeting Shaq

Watch a professional basketball game. Yes, despite being a basketball fanatic, I haven’t been to Araneta or Cuneta to watch a PBA game, a Ginebra game to be specific. Why? I haven’t asked anyone out who is interested to watch a game. Watching it on TV, for them, saves money. And there are no commentaries to keep them entertained. Typical Filipinos.

now that will definitely leave a mark

Have a Tattoo. It’s been an ongoing debate of whether I should do this or not. Is it painful? Will my tats look good after? Will I not get AIDS? Do I look like a poser if I have one? It’s all a matter of when.

who's your kitty now?

Be Trained at a Certain Martial Art. Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Wushu, Yaw Yan, Pa Kyu or any form of martial art will do. I used to ask my mom to enroll me on  a summer clinic. I don’t know why it never push through. Imagine me, an asian guy, not knowing any form martial art while a guy like Jaden Smith knows Kung Fu well. Life doesn’t do any justice.

do you accept asians?

Go to the US. The land of the free. The land of opportunities. Wait, I’m just going there for some vacation. Ten years from now, Cebu Pacific will have discounted flights there too.

I said spirit fingers!!!

Finish A Script for A Play. I didn’t say I want to make the next Les Miseables. In college, I tried to think of making a script for my college org. But then, it never happened. Why? I’m lazy.

And with that, I got totally lazy. I guess I have to end the list here in the meantime . You may try it yourself too. You can share it to us if you want to. I promise, I wont laugh.


4 Responses to “Before I Die”

  1. the script for a play/ short movie has been a yearly prospect nalang yata erick. think this one’s most feasible since you got talent. remember, youre awesome? LOL hahahaha the other one, tattoo? i think he can help you out with this on december. lamo na :)

  2. ako ayain mo manuod PBA basta gusto ko ringside saka libre mo…hehe!

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