Tidbits? First thing comes to mind are pineapples. Anyway, it’s just my random thoughts. If you still don’t get it, consider my brain as my ass and my thoughts as… well… farts. Better than calling it “shit”.


If you want to know what are Kris Aquino’s standards when it comes to men, it’s easy to figure out. Either you are (a) an old showbiz actor (Joey Marquez and Philip Salvador), (b) son of a high profile politician (Mark Lapid, Junjun Binay) or (c) be a franchise player of Purefoods (Alvin Patrimonio and James Yap). Surprised?


Super Mario Bros. just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary. Thanks for all the memories and frustration you gave me because the princess was always in another castle. More power to you and dont ever attempt to make a movie again!!!


Speaking of anniversaries, the original Playstation just turned 15. Thanks for the memories you didnt share with me cause I never had one when I was a kid.


Sorry, mate. Let's just have tea later...

Ricky Hatton just got for possession of cocaine. Maybe he got traumatized for being “crushed” by Manny Pacquiao so he just chose to be “cracked”.


I just got totally hooked with the Scott Pilgrim books. For those who dont know him, he’s not an author. He’s the main hero of his zany graphic novel/manga wannabe. How hooked am I by the way? Let’s just say I made my own avatar.

I tried as much as possible to make him look like me. I guess I failed...

For those who died of envy and wants their own, go to this site.

I havent read the last 3 books but I’m gonna finish it before it hits the theaters in the Philippines. Take that Harry Potter and Twilight!!! The geeks have their own book (not) collection to brag about.


Devil May Cry reboot was announced at Tokyo Game Show. I think it’s more of an overhaul than a reboot. Take a look at the difference. There’s the original Dante with the gray hair, and the new one which looks like Lindsay Lohan’s future ex-boyfriend.

Then and now; Beauty and the Beast; Hot and Not, Awesome and Gruesome... oh you get I mean!!!


There you go. I’m done. B’Samurai out!


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