Before I Die II

I told there are a lot more things that came up my mind after posting my first BEFORE I DIE post. For those who are wondering why am I doing this, no, I do not have AIDS nor do I have Herpes. I just feel doing it.

Create a zombie short film. I college I have directed a short film, which I wasnt too proud of. Let’s just say it sucked. Someday, I want to make it up to that. I want to make a short that I know I really worked hard on. And did I mentioned I want a short about zombies? I think I am too addicted with those hideous creatures.

Join a Marathon. Wall climbing. Check. Boxing session. Check. Guess it’s time for another physical activity and joining a marathon is first in mind. Now can somebody donate some running shoes for me?


Fire a Gun. There is something bad ass about holding 2 guns and pretend you are Dante of Devil May Cry. Of course, gun shooting for no reason is “bad” and it will eventually make you an “ass”. But what if I just try to go to a shooting range and then shoot the hell of out those targets. And I hope I dont get “out of target”.

Learn to Swim. To those who know me and are reading this, laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, I am awful at swimming and you should see it for yourself. Just to give you a idea, you know how a dog swims? Enough said.

What did I tell you?

Lego. My dad bought me a Lego set when I was a kid. I didnt like it that time because it was about pirates and I prefer super heroes that time so I didnt finish building it. It’s fulfilling just like building a Gundam robot.

Get Married. Who doesnt want to? Duh!

Best part of any wedding...

And let’s stop from there. If my list goes up to 100, I think I need to reincarnate to do them all.


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