Then There was Kayden Kross

I am no fan of porn at all… before. I used to see those porn videos from random DVDs that I would get from a random friend and I will just randomly play if I just randomly feel like it. And then I would feel ugly because the girls I would see on those videos are really ugly. Back then I haven’t seen any porn star I would go ga-ga about. They all look — for a lack of a better term — slutty.

I don’t care about others digging this kind of fetish but for me I just have no interest with porn. I’d rather see some R –rated film than see some mug shots of genitals grinding for a whole 15 minutes or so.

There are pretty, and I mean really pretty porn stars. But then, they still dont catch my attention. Just take for example Sasha Grey.

She does those things that even other porn stars dare not to try. She’ll even make Paris Hilton look embarrassed with her escapades. And her eyes will try to kill you. It’s just that she’s too hardcore that I cannot stomach it. Not interested.

If porn stars from the west are too dirty to even be compared to a prostitute, there are also Japanese stars like Maria Ozawa, that other men are fantasizing about.

Why?! Why are you even a porn star?!

First thing you’ll ask yourself is what the hell is she doing getting naked and be hit by some random ugly Japanese? She can have a better career than this. I think she has daddy issues and used porn as means of rebelling. But more than 100 videos made is too rebellious now.

If Sasha Grey lost my interest on her bizaare scenes, Maria just annoyed me with her baby-like moans. I don’t know if she even likes what she is doing. It’s like she’s telling you to save her from her misery.

See, even the prettiest porn stars wont catch my interest. Until some friend of mine introduced me to 1 porn actress who would change my life. A porn star too blonde to be witty, too modest to be slutty, too… too… I’m talking too much.

The girl, is none other than — drum roll please — Kayden Kross!

Must... stop... staring!

Just when I thought all porn stars are stupid, there was Kayden Kross. She’s like the typical working student, with a very extraordinary work to finance her studies. Soon to be a graduate from college, she tries to juggle her academics from her naked endeavors. And she’s not even planning to leave the industry even after graduating. Likey!

When I thought all porn stars do nothing but get naked and get laid then get paid, there was Kayden Kross. This girl, aside from having her own website, is also a blogger just like me. Although she doesn’t post frequently, you can check out her words of wisdom at Even I got schooled with the way she does her blogs.

To top it all off, she does good porn. Her videos can make Justin Bieber reach puberty quickly (cause she still doesn’t look 16 to me).

And so when I thought everything was a fail for me in porn, she came in and made me believe that I can enjoy this adults-only world. All of a sudden, my cookies are filled with several FLV porn sites just because of her. You are a gift from heaven.

To see all her work, go to and Talk about free advertisement.

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  1. Kayden Kross has a stimulating literary life going on, too

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