Comic Book Movies and the Black Attack

Seriously,  are Hollywood movie directors running out of creative ideas for adapting a super-hero movie? Forget the storyline adaptation, they really suck at that (Spidey’s biological web, anyone?). But what I cant take is that even in costumes… yes the costumes… those silly-coloured spandex that we wish to wear in Halloween… they cant even do a good job in that department to bring our favorite characters back to life.

Case in point: X-Men. Did you expect these mutants to appear like this in the movies?

No carabaos were killed in making these... uhmm... clothes

Where the hell is Wolverine’s mask? Tsk tsk tsk. They can’t create it I suppose. FYI, they’re supposed to look like this:

It's blue and yellow. Not black. Brian Singer you're colorblind

By the way, did you know that in the movie, they were supposed to divide the X-Men into 2? The names of those teams are Team Edward and Team Jacob (cue to laugh).

This eerie black costume trend was made popular by Tim Burton when he made Batman. But we can forgive him since Batman is “The Dark Knight” (wooh scary!).  And at that time it appeared like an episode of Tales from the Crypt.

Is Keaton even happy being Batman?

And the rest have followed:

It varies in different shapes and (cup) sizes

Halle Berry in Catwoman: here kitty kitty!

Pam Anderson in Barb-Wire: here pussy pussy!!!

Nationalities and races

GI Joe apparel now available at 168

Some don’t want to make it obvious

The X-Files rejects

Yeah yeah yeah!!! When it’s black it makes it sexier, edgy and all those Hollywood crap. But how about sticking to the comic? You happen to remember Dick Tracy? The movie was forgotten but it sure does look like it came from the pages.

Didn't say pages of an ancient book

And when the run out of budget for their costumes, they stick with the all-time lifesaver — the coat. Don’t want to believe me? Then scroll down.

Comic Book

Bullseye. Daredevil's enemy.


Colin Farrell as himself

Comic Book

Dr. Octopus. Spider-man villain.


Doc Ock. Love child of Dr. Octopus and Dick Tracy

Comic Book

Nick Fury


Nick Fury. Got tanned.

Comic Book

Dark Phoenix. Hot as hell.


Dark Phoenix. Hot-headed in the movie.

Cant question too much these directors and film studios, they have the final say. And we really cant question how they interpret it since it’s their artistic license. Heck, if they made Batgirl not related to Commisioner Gordon, then they can also make Robin gay.

Then again, it’s still good if the comic books we’ve ready would really come to the big screen exactly as they were  written… and drawn. B’Samurai out!


2 Responses to “Comic Book Movies and the Black Attack”

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  2. cmalpelli Says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the costumes, I don’t mind if they modernize the outfits, but they should try and stick to the color schemes (I was very disappointed with the X-Men costumes). You know who could have been Nick Fury to a T, Mitt Romney, I swear they are twins, lol, must be the hair do. Also I think that Mark Wallberg would have been a much better O.G. Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire was kind of wack in my opinion.

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