We Thought They Were Cool: The Moffatts

Don’t lie to me. When you were young, you would do things that you think were cool. You listen to music you thought was kick-ass, wear clothing you feel was exceptional, and make gestures that you thought were awesome.

Then you grew and realized something — they were all a bunch of crap. And you blame yourself so much because you just found out that you’re too stupid to follow the bandwagon.

Let me give a trip down memory lane to remind you of those things. You may or may not have liked them way back, but for sure, I was one of those people who thought they were cool back then. And for starters, let me re-introduce you to a band who introduced nasal singing. I present to you… The Moffats!!!

They honestly thought it was rock n roll. kids.


They are a Canadian quartet who happened to be brothers. They broke out right after Hanson took the world by storm in 1997. They thought they would have the same fate, but only we would give attention to them. All together now! Na na na na na na na na na na na!


With all due respect they have the talent on making songs. The lyrics and melody were somehow catchy for us Pinoys.


You want to know how popular they are? Well, back when there were still song magazines in the Philippines, there is a certain magazine that features the fans’ feedback about their favorite artists. And believe me, it was dirty. It’s throwing crap one after another. This can be considered World War 3. And it all started between heated arguments on who was the better group: Hanson or The Moffatts.

When they grew up, they became werewolves.


Older brother Scott got tired of hearing the group being branded as “boy band”. Honestly, what’s wrong with that?! You are still boys and you’re in a band. Anyway, he quit because of that.


One of the members, Dave, joined Canadian Idol, a proof that they are not that popular everywhere. In 2001, he confessed that he is gay, a common trait among all boy bands. The other 2 boys, Clint and Bob, went to Thailand and formed a band called Same Same. Sounds gay once again. Scott is still working on other bands.

Same same. Same old crap.


As for me? A big HELL YES. I thought back then I was already listening to Hard Rock. I even tried to copy Scott’s voice by singing using my nose. I should have known better.


3 Responses to “We Thought They Were Cool: The Moffatts”

  1. IMHO…

    Dear, there’s nothing wrong with them. Moffatts were children, once (hence, I suppose you know how do kids think).

    Tell me, have you reached what they had reached? If yes, then good for you. If no, then go for it (in case you’re aiming for the same).

    DISCLAIMER: Harming you in any way is not my intention, just wanted to shout this out, ‘coz I was a fan, too. Peace dude.

    They have good music by the way (just a little bit lousy than those of professional artists), and I miss their songs (reminds me of my childhood)

  2. one word to describe you: BITTER!!

  3. I like the moffatts. At the age of 3 kumakanta na sila. Sayang nga di ko napanood yung concert nila kasi 7 years old palang ako noon. Tsaka cool yung music nila. Ngayon ko lang ito nabasa. Tsaka noong nagconcert sila dito noon nagbigay sila ng donation sa bantay bata dswd at mga nasunugan sa maynila. Tsaka napakatalented nila no.

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