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We Thought They Were Cool: The Moffatts

Posted in LOL, Music on November 25, 2010 by bazookasamurai

Don’t lie to me. When you were young, you would do things that you think were cool. You listen to music you thought was kick-ass, wear clothing you feel was exceptional, and make gestures that you thought were awesome.

Then you grew and realized something — they were all a bunch of crap. And you blame yourself so much because you just found out that you’re too stupid to follow the bandwagon.

Let me give a trip down memory lane to remind you of those things. You may or may not have liked them way back, but for sure, I was one of those people who thought they were cool back then. And for starters, let me re-introduce you to a band who introduced nasal singing. I present to you… The Moffats!!!

They honestly thought it was rock n roll. kids.


They are a Canadian quartet who happened to be brothers. They broke out right after Hanson took the world by storm in 1997. They thought they would have the same fate, but only we would give attention to them. All together now! Na na na na na na na na na na na!


With all due respect they have the talent on making songs. The lyrics and melody were somehow catchy for us Pinoys.


You want to know how popular they are? Well, back when there were still song magazines in the Philippines, there is a certain magazine that features the fans’ feedback about their favorite artists. And believe me, it was dirty. It’s throwing crap one after another. This can be considered World War 3. And it all started between heated arguments on who was the better group: Hanson or The Moffatts.

When they grew up, they became werewolves.


Older brother Scott got tired of hearing the group being branded as “boy band”. Honestly, what’s wrong with that?! You are still boys and you’re in a band. Anyway, he quit because of that.


One of the members, Dave, joined Canadian Idol, a proof that they are not that popular everywhere. In 2001, he confessed that he is gay, a common trait among all boy bands. The other 2 boys, Clint and Bob, went to Thailand and formed a band called Same Same. Sounds gay once again. Scott is still working on other bands.

Same same. Same old crap.


As for me? A big HELL YES. I thought back then I was already listening to Hard Rock. I even tried to copy Scott’s voice by singing using my nose. I should have known better.


Totally Unplugged…

Posted in LOL, Music with tags , , , , , , , on August 21, 2010 by bazookasamurai

I am a guy who gets wasted with music. If music is alcohol, I’d be in rehab now. Maybe it all started when I first heard the wonderful blending music of Queen or the numerous times I mimic Don McClean doing guitars while singing American Pie. And from then on, my preferences have evolved through the years. And by evolved, I mean I had the chance to listen to the Backstreet Boys… and liked them.

As I grew up (aged), I had stuck on the rock genre along with its subgenres. Give credit to the Eraserheads, they made us all feel that every single thing can be made into a song and it will still sound good. In other words, poetic lyrics suck.

Right now, I’m a big fan of Breaking Benjamin. Yes, Breaking Benjamin. Haven’t heard of it? I figured. They’re not in the mainstream yet. And I don’t know if they will be. Anyway, every now and then, I try to look for new material that I can add to my playlist. Face it, it makes you sick listening to the same old Elvis song.

So as I browse into YouTube, I saw a video that  has “Acapella” in it. Not like it’s a big deal. This acapella thing is very common now,  thanks to the Gleeks. What makes this different though is that the user makes acapella covers of her favorite bands. Talk about Linkin Park, Sick Puppies, Evanescence, and yes, even Breaking Benjamin.

Dear music-lovers with open-ears, I present to you, user newbeginning212 and her rendition of Breaking Benjamin’s Give Me A Sign.

By the way, did I mention that she records all the parts of each song? No? Okay. Sorry. Just human. Anyway, you can check her own channel  here.

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Am I still a poser?!

Posted in Music on July 2, 2010 by bazookasamurai

After I graduated from college, I decided that instead of getting a job, I would join a band. I’ve been wanting to join one but then I am stuck at studies (not) and other “extra-curricular activities” (another NOT). There’s just one problem though, I can only be a vocalist and nothing else. In other words, I dont know how to play any decent instrument, which makes me think all the time that I am a poser.

Excluding showbands , most band vocalists know how to play at least one musical instrument. It’s a prerequisite since not because they also have to play on stage, but they have to do the songwriting, like it’s every frontman’s default job.

Thanks to my sister’s Miles keyboard, I learned how to play one by myself. But then, the question still remains “Are there any vocalists who dont know how to play any instrument?”. Again, we have to exclude showbands.

I discovered today a page from Yahoo! Answers that tells everything about it. It came as a surprise for me, since the ones posted are iconic. They are not accurate though, but then it can give hope on me, someone who’s still not good with playing anything.

At least I can compare myself with the likes of these legends when it comes to that aspect...


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Someone once told me that I am critic on almost everything. If you’re a friend of mine, that would be hard to imagine (you just wont see it in me). But then again, yes, I tend to notice things and see all the negatives as if I am soooo perfect.

But hey! I guess we do have common concerns. And what I am showing you are some things that popped in my head that most of you may not notice, but indeed needs a whole lot of change… very badly

The Never-ending Super Mario Storyline

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mario and enjoyed playing all its games. But then, in almost all of the games in any Mario game, the story (should we even call it a story?) goes out as, Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser and its up to Mario to save her. For over 2 decades, Peach didn’t even try to beef up her security to avoid this from happening all over again. If this is real life, the CIA and UN Security Council would meddle with her problems.

If you just try that on bowser, everything is done. For now wipe Luigi's sh*t.

And Mario is what we call the perfect martyr. You he’ll be up against a bunch of booby traps and all those insane boss battles but here he is still, saving his one and only Peach. Does he even know the word “move on”?

What Mario should do next time is bring all the guns used in Half-Life and Doom (esp. BFG to kill all of them) and shoot the hell out of Bowser. Let there be blood and make sure Bowser gets slaughtered.


I am infested for a whole decade knowing that every night I will see the same old drama show. What happened to the weekly shows like Palibhasa Lalake? As far as I know there is an assigned show for each day of the week.

I never knew how all of these ended. I dont watch them at all.

To whoever thinks that this concept is working, you’re wrong. I want the old TV schedule! I hate seeing the pattern peasant-turns-rich-gets-revenge storyline. And if you run out of ideas, you’ll just do a remake as if it’s a creative move. Yeah, yeah! Whatever!

Cover Versions of Songs Over and Over Again

Fact: all cover songs had to complete the 7 dragon balls before being revived

I only see one legit reason for this. This mostly helps upcoming artists to have a sure shot of having a hit. But that isn’t even proven to be a good formula. You forgot that we have lots of composers that can still have a bunch under their sleeves. Or are they even buried under their sleeves?

Emos and Jejemons

To the Emos: I’m cool with the music, I respect that. If you have bleeding and suicide, reggae has smoking weed, RnB has having sex sensually. What most of us didn’t like is how you made it a trend and made a following of people who listens to you and think they are hardcore in that sense. Your angst are going nowhere.

haynaku! Kayo na lang poew ang bahalah maazahr sa khunealah! jejejeje!

To the Jejemons: Finally you caught our attention. Now go back to where you are from! Your way of communicating is not funny, even entertaining. You just piss a certain person by busting their heads off just by deciphering your messages. I am so not gonna add any jejemon on my friend list.


When I was a kid, I used to be scared of vampires that they might suck my blood. Now, teenagers go ga-ga over them that they are even willing to be blood-sucked by these creatures. Anne Rice and Bram Stoker would have cut their heads off by now because of this vampire craze.

they made vampires really look cool... and something else.

Those are just some of what I noticed and would die for just to see a change or not even see them. Some may find it anti-social, some may just find me as KSP. But then again, what do I know? These are just my opinions that I guess I am entitled to. Freak!

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