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Posted in LOL, Video Games on September 17, 2010 by bazookasamurai

Tidbits? First thing comes to mind are pineapples. Anyway, it’s just my random thoughts. If you still don’t get it, consider my brain as my ass and my thoughts as… well… farts. Better than calling it “shit”.


If you want to know what are Kris Aquino’s standards when it comes to men, it’s easy to figure out. Either you are (a) an old showbiz actor (Joey Marquez and Philip Salvador), (b) son of a high profile politician (Mark Lapid, Junjun Binay) or (c) be a franchise player of Purefoods (Alvin Patrimonio and James Yap). Surprised?


Super Mario Bros. just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary. Thanks for all the memories and frustration you gave me because the princess was always in another castle. More power to you and dont ever attempt to make a movie again!!!


Speaking of anniversaries, the original Playstation just turned 15. Thanks for the memories you didnt share with me cause I never had one when I was a kid.


Sorry, mate. Let's just have tea later...

Ricky Hatton just got for possession of cocaine. Maybe he got traumatized for being “crushed” by Manny Pacquiao so he just chose to be “cracked”.


I just got totally hooked with the Scott Pilgrim books. For those who dont know him, he’s not an author. He’s the main hero of his zany graphic novel/manga wannabe. How hooked am I by the way? Let’s just say I made my own avatar.

I tried as much as possible to make him look like me. I guess I failed...

For those who died of envy and wants their own, go to this site.

I havent read the last 3 books but I’m gonna finish it before it hits the theaters in the Philippines. Take that Harry Potter and Twilight!!! The geeks have their own book (not) collection to brag about.


Devil May Cry reboot was announced at Tokyo Game Show. I think it’s more of an overhaul than a reboot. Take a look at the difference. There’s the original Dante with the gray hair, and the new one which looks like Lindsay Lohan’s future ex-boyfriend.

Then and now; Beauty and the Beast; Hot and Not, Awesome and Gruesome... oh you get I mean!!!


There you go. I’m done. B’Samurai out!


Straight From The Mediocre Gamer’s Mind (09/02/10)

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Oh my, September is already here and we all know what that means. Yes! October is up next!!! But anyway, before everything else would get more senseless, here’s a rundown of all things happening just recently to the world of my favorite past time — videogames.

Metroid: Other M Gets Mixed Reviews

Abbie Heppe, what did Samus Aran do to you to give her this kind of review?!!! Metroid: Other M, Wii’s side- scroller/first-person hybrid, gets a 2/5 from G4. While others think that it’s a brand new take on Nintendo’s storied franchise, G4 thinks otherwise. Giving the lead character Samus a more personified approach (and a whole lot of appearances by her ass) destroys the winning formula that Metroid always had in its games.

If you’ll ask me, the only game I played in the Metroid franchise was Metroid Prime: Corruption. It was awesome although I hate the feeling of being alone on its missions. I haven’t tried the latest one yet (because I don’t own a Wii anymore). I do care their review though more than any other gaming websites. A rating of 3 to 5 is considerable but below than that is something that could destroy my day.

* But Samus is a nice name for a baby girl dont you think?

New Xbox Controller Announced

I already made a comment about this on one of the blogs I follow. Only one thing I can say about this — sexy!!! If I can only use this for my PS3, that would be legendary.

Playstation Move out on September 17

The real battle begins. Take your pick

When I bought the Wii, I bought a system that can bind the whole family together again and enjoy one whole session of playing tennis without even thinking how ridiculous they look like swinging the Wii-mote. If ever I buy the Wii HD a.k.a. PS Move, we’re not just playing tennis. We’re playing tennis with light bulbs as a bonus.

Seriously, Sony, give us a decent game made exclusively for the Move, and I’ll reconsider. For now, I wont buy it despite the good feedbacks so far.

Xbox Live Arcade Subscription Increase

First of all, I don’t give a crap about this since I don’t have a 360… and I don’t play online. I rarely go to PSN as well.  According to reports, the said increase will be effective November 1. That’s what I call real HORROR.

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As We Pay Homage to a Fossil

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I haven’t posted for a while. I guess nothing interesting has happened… until a few minutes ago. I got the news from that a certain research proved that the Triceratops didnt exist at all. Then I said “what?!”. They were not joking. It is for real. The Triceratops is just a younger version of a Torosaurus, which I honestly dont give a crap about.

A lot of things came to my head: Really? Woah! Are you serious? You gotta be kidding me! Holy Crap! Get out of here! I mean this is one of the beloved dinosaurs that pop-culture tried to inflict us. After all these years, it’s just a goddamn caterpillar to a Torosaurus’ butterfly (and again I dont give a crap how it looks like).

Next thing that came to my head was the Blue Ranger. Poor little thing. You represent the three-horned dino, you look like a loser, and in the end, you still are. So if the Power Rangers just be aired in the year 2010, Billy should be the Blue… Barney? Good thing I’m a solid Red Ranger fan.

And with that, we bid our goodbyes to a dinosaur we thought really existed, thought was a part of a great super team, and thought was our defense if in case the big T-Rex would come out to eat us (just in case they come back to haunt us). To you, dear Triceratops, we salute you. Roar!

Wait, they dont roar. What the heck!

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Nintendo: Making Kids Freak Out Through the Years

Posted in Gadgets, Tech, Video Games on June 24, 2010 by bazookasamurai

Remember that old viral video about a kid getting crazy to get a Nintendo 64 for Christmas? If you dont remember, here’s the clip for you.

A decade has passed and the Wii comes in, and we still get the same reactions from kids. But they’re out to beat the N64 kid. Here are some of those vids.

Sorry guys, you just cant beat the Nintendo 64 kids. I wonder if Nintendo puts steroids on their boxes for kids to go ga-ga when they open it.

After the Ipad

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Steve Jobbs and the rest of the Apple Company wants us to be selfish. Dont agree with me? See their products. Iphone, Ipod, Ipad. Need I say more?

Anyway, I just cant help but post this. This one was posted last March by If you’re wondering what’s next after the Ipad, well we (or should I say THEY) have the answer for you:

When will I see a prototype of Iroof?

And I still hope Apple would make an Ipad mini…


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Someone once told me that I am critic on almost everything. If you’re a friend of mine, that would be hard to imagine (you just wont see it in me). But then again, yes, I tend to notice things and see all the negatives as if I am soooo perfect.

But hey! I guess we do have common concerns. And what I am showing you are some things that popped in my head that most of you may not notice, but indeed needs a whole lot of change… very badly

The Never-ending Super Mario Storyline

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mario and enjoyed playing all its games. But then, in almost all of the games in any Mario game, the story (should we even call it a story?) goes out as, Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser and its up to Mario to save her. For over 2 decades, Peach didn’t even try to beef up her security to avoid this from happening all over again. If this is real life, the CIA and UN Security Council would meddle with her problems.

If you just try that on bowser, everything is done. For now wipe Luigi's sh*t.

And Mario is what we call the perfect martyr. You he’ll be up against a bunch of booby traps and all those insane boss battles but here he is still, saving his one and only Peach. Does he even know the word “move on”?

What Mario should do next time is bring all the guns used in Half-Life and Doom (esp. BFG to kill all of them) and shoot the hell out of Bowser. Let there be blood and make sure Bowser gets slaughtered.


I am infested for a whole decade knowing that every night I will see the same old drama show. What happened to the weekly shows like Palibhasa Lalake? As far as I know there is an assigned show for each day of the week.

I never knew how all of these ended. I dont watch them at all.

To whoever thinks that this concept is working, you’re wrong. I want the old TV schedule! I hate seeing the pattern peasant-turns-rich-gets-revenge storyline. And if you run out of ideas, you’ll just do a remake as if it’s a creative move. Yeah, yeah! Whatever!

Cover Versions of Songs Over and Over Again

Fact: all cover songs had to complete the 7 dragon balls before being revived

I only see one legit reason for this. This mostly helps upcoming artists to have a sure shot of having a hit. But that isn’t even proven to be a good formula. You forgot that we have lots of composers that can still have a bunch under their sleeves. Or are they even buried under their sleeves?

Emos and Jejemons

To the Emos: I’m cool with the music, I respect that. If you have bleeding and suicide, reggae has smoking weed, RnB has having sex sensually. What most of us didn’t like is how you made it a trend and made a following of people who listens to you and think they are hardcore in that sense. Your angst are going nowhere.

haynaku! Kayo na lang poew ang bahalah maazahr sa khunealah! jejejeje!

To the Jejemons: Finally you caught our attention. Now go back to where you are from! Your way of communicating is not funny, even entertaining. You just piss a certain person by busting their heads off just by deciphering your messages. I am so not gonna add any jejemon on my friend list.


When I was a kid, I used to be scared of vampires that they might suck my blood. Now, teenagers go ga-ga over them that they are even willing to be blood-sucked by these creatures. Anne Rice and Bram Stoker would have cut their heads off by now because of this vampire craze.

they made vampires really look cool... and something else.

Those are just some of what I noticed and would die for just to see a change or not even see them. Some may find it anti-social, some may just find me as KSP. But then again, what do I know? These are just my opinions that I guess I am entitled to. Freak!

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PS3… a Sure Wallet-Burner

Posted in Gadgets, Tech, Video Games with tags on June 23, 2010 by bazookasamurai
A picture showing both the original model desi...

My PS3: 12 months of hard work(?)

It started out with the NES, when I got mesmerized playing Super Mario 3 along with my uncles who was still adjusting on their early 20’s back then. Up to now it is still the game I would never get tired of playing.

And then the next generation of consoles came in. I wasnt able to catch up with the trend. What the heck?! Who was I that time. I am just a kid with a fixed (not) allowance. So I just had to watch in envy as other kids enjoy their ps-ones, ps2’s, dreamcast, and every console that has passed by.

More than 2 decades and 3 decent jobs have passed and here I am, ready to fulfill my “childhood” dreams (I should be pitied by having a very shallow aspiration). The idea of me buying my own console didnt cross me until I first received my leave conversion.

Just to give you an idea, I work at a call center (just like every grad and under-grad in the Philippines). And for some reason, I find their policy regarding VL and SL to be sweet. It’s simple. Dont take any leave for the whole year, the excess of 80 hours at the beginning of the new year will be converted to your current rate. To cut it short, I received a HUGE amount which made me buy a Wii.

The Wii is for kids. It’s fun, but most of the games are crappy. I would really need to have something which is hardcore. Something which I would really enjoy. Something like… the PS3!!! But I have to wait another year before I can buy one. I just dont have the patience to save for one nor do I have a credit card to use just to buy one. Shades of being kuripot.

So finally on February 2010, I had the chance to buy my Ps3. Along with it are 2 games (Uncharted 2 and God of War Collection). My total bill? Almost 20k. Geez! And each game? Would cost you at most 3k. And we are not stopping there. Some games have downloadable content. Just when you though you have finished, there are patches and expansions, which costs you so much more.

What’s sad is that the PS3 cannot be hacked. So all of my games are original. Great. Look, I’m not complaining. I enjoy playing my games and I still continuing to buy new games for the PS3. I’m just surprised I would shell out a hell lot of money for a few hours of beautiful graphics and… oh shoot! Forgot to mention. You need to have an HDTV. Good thing my sister was able to buy us with one.

No wonder I said I wont get tired of playing Super Mario Bros. 3. Makes me want to buy a vintage NES and just play that. Just that. Anyway, I’m still a gamer, and video game developers will have better titles to offer in the future. In the end, I will just say “Fuck the price, I’ll still play it!”.

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