Straight From The Mediocre Gamer’s Mind (09/02/10)

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Oh my, September is already here and we all know what that means. Yes! October is up next!!! But anyway, before everything else would get more senseless, here’s a rundown of all things happening just recently to the world of my favorite past time — videogames.

Metroid: Other M Gets Mixed Reviews

Abbie Heppe, what did Samus Aran do to you to give her this kind of review?!!! Metroid: Other M, Wii’s side- scroller/first-person hybrid, gets a 2/5 from G4. While others think that it’s a brand new take on Nintendo’s storied franchise, G4 thinks otherwise. Giving the lead character Samus a more personified approach (and a whole lot of appearances by her ass) destroys the winning formula that Metroid always had in its games.

If you’ll ask me, the only game I played in the Metroid franchise was Metroid Prime: Corruption. It was awesome although I hate the feeling of being alone on its missions. I haven’t tried the latest one yet (because I don’t own a Wii anymore). I do care their review though more than any other gaming websites. A rating of 3 to 5 is considerable but below than that is something that could destroy my day.

* But Samus is a nice name for a baby girl dont you think?

New Xbox Controller Announced

I already made a comment about this on one of the blogs I follow. Only one thing I can say about this — sexy!!! If I can only use this for my PS3, that would be legendary.

Playstation Move out on September 17

The real battle begins. Take your pick

When I bought the Wii, I bought a system that can bind the whole family together again and enjoy one whole session of playing tennis without even thinking how ridiculous they look like swinging the Wii-mote. If ever I buy the Wii HD a.k.a. PS Move, we’re not just playing tennis. We’re playing tennis with light bulbs as a bonus.

Seriously, Sony, give us a decent game made exclusively for the Move, and I’ll reconsider. For now, I wont buy it despite the good feedbacks so far.

Xbox Live Arcade Subscription Increase

First of all, I don’t give a crap about this since I don’t have a 360… and I don’t play online. I rarely go to PSN as well.  According to reports, the said increase will be effective November 1. That’s what I call real HORROR.

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What Kind of Shooting Hand Do You Have, Allan Caidic???

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Yes, I would like to ask PBA Legend Allan Caidic that question. The Triggerman apparently scored ONLY 54 points in an exhibition game consisting of PBA Legends, D-League Players, and NBA Legends namely Glen Rice, Chris Webber, Mitch Richmond, and Gary Payton. And no he didn’t drive and just played like a Kobe Bryant to get that. He converted 14 3-pointers. Correct me if I’m wrong but I dont remember any NBA player doing that in a single game.

To those who dont know him, he’s no Kobe Bryant, but his career high is just above 70 points. That was the time when the cross-over was still not invented and point guards dribble at their waist level.


This is just an exhibition game. No bearing at all. And the final score was 177-167 with Caidic’s team winning it. But, man, his shooting came at the right place at the right time, when old NBA players come to play, and are all praises for the guy. And maybe it was also a wrong time because he’s retired and cannot play anymore.

But be it an exhibition game or not, it’s hard for you to hit 14 triples in a game. The only reason Kobe hit 81 is that his teammates kept giving him the ball (aside from being a ballhog). It’s the same thing that was done to him.

If basketball was just catch and shoot and height will not a factor, maybe, just maybe, the Philippines can qualify in the Olympics. And Allan Caidic will just shoot the lights out of everyone. To bad, you’re retired now. If only basketball players are ageless like billiards.

I propose cloning Allan Caidic for Team Pilipinas to produce a lot of pure shooters.

On A More Serious Note: The Philippines (Awfully) Did It Again…

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Our country hit the news once again all over the world. And it’s not involving Manny Pacquiao. And it’s not even to be proud of. Much worse, it involved other people’s lives. People who are just visiting our place and see the sights. People who just wanted to have a vacation. People who should have just enjoyed their stay here.

We all know what happened here. A former police officer, Rolando Mendoza, hijacked a bus with several Hong Kong Nationals inside. What started out as a calm negotiation, ended as a bloodbath for the entire world to see.

I was one of those who watched it on our local TV stations. Knowing myself as a joker, I would just crack about the whole situation since I believed this will be sorted out peacefully, especially when foreigners are involved. Alas, my wise-cracking demeanor suddenly changed. My jokes turned to worries. I became a spectator who would cheer, scream, and even get relieved for every development that happened during the drama.

Next thing I know, CNN is already covering us live. And for sure, if this ended badly, we’re screwed… and it did.

When I get back to work that night, I checked on every news organization’s website. We were everywhere like a virus quickly spreading. CNN, BBC, Associated Press, heck, only Reuters didn’t have it on their Top Stories. I even saw the article from Yahoo News that law enforcement in the Philippines is really weak and kidnap-for-ransom is very common with us (article already expired) . On a local Hong Kong newspaper, the situation was described as “Slaughter”. I cannot beg to disagree anymore.

One survivor by the name of Bang Lu Min still had time to post to the internet everything that went on inside the bus. Reading it simply shatters me. (Although I have to admit, I cant find the original source to verify the authenticity of the post)

Nevertheless, our law enforces awfully handled this. I am no genius to tell you what should really be done, but there are better ways that this has been dealt. They haven’t learned from the Pasay hostage crisis and waited for it to go on a larger scale.

Dear policemen, you are good-for-nothing-big-bellied lunatics who don’t know how to solve a crisis, let alone how to use a sledgehammer. We all know this can be prevented. And you just let casualties pour in. Shame on you!

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Name That Baby!!!

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My sister just swallowed one whole watermelon. If you’re a Filipino and you translate it word per word, you know it simply meant she is pregnant. She’s young, with a whole lot of things to  go on her way, and then she just chose to get screwed. Very nice decision.

But enough of her, this blog is not about her. I’m just excited with my nephew about to come out in a month. Yes, it’s a boy, they saw his penis on the Ultra Sound. Then I asked my sister what she will name her little bundle of awesomeness.  She’s still not sure yet (pesky teenagers), but she said she wants to have the name Ethan in it. Then I said “what?”

I don’t have anything against it, that’s her kid. For me though, having an American or European name for an Asian kid, is just too much here in the Philippines. Since the kids are so adorable, they think it’s a good idea to have an adorable name for them, thus come those American names:  John, Paul, Mark, Stephen, etc. That would be their usual first names.

Yes, first names. Kids here usually have 2 names. John Vincent, Mark Anthony, Christian Angelo, Mary Grace, Mary Joy, Mary Ann. Hell, I even knew an officemate whose full name is John Jeff Paul Christian. By the looks of it his parents are avid fans of the Bible. Has anyone ever thought of naming their babies Barak?

It’s very much different in the old generation (stress on the word OLD). Filipino names derived from the Spanish occupation. So those Mexican soap opera names (Alejandro, Alfredo, Pepito, Ambrosio, Procopio, Prospero, Rolando) are very common back then. Very back then. But neither do I want my nephew to be named like that.

So I suggested that my sister give an Asian name for his baby, very much like Suri and Shiloh, those celebrity daughters of Tom Cruise and Brangelina.  Blame it on me. I always want things to be unique, even when naming kids.

But hell, it was just easier said than done. If you want to try to check on the internet and look for any Asian names, its either you will get Japanese or Middle-Eastern ones. Salah al din, Labib, Gabir, Abu, Abdullah, and all other names that are very unfamiliar for us. Akira, Haruko, Takeshi, Sayaka, and others would fit the baby’s name if the parents love JRPG and J-Rock. I even saw an English name, Bacon. Don’t even ask me its meaning.

The pork industry holds the copyright to this name...

Just to save me some time, I ended my namehunt. I’ll save it for my own kid. This is too much for me. So I guess Ethan is just fine. Me and my suggestions. Geez!

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Totally Unplugged…

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I am a guy who gets wasted with music. If music is alcohol, I’d be in rehab now. Maybe it all started when I first heard the wonderful blending music of Queen or the numerous times I mimic Don McClean doing guitars while singing American Pie. And from then on, my preferences have evolved through the years. And by evolved, I mean I had the chance to listen to the Backstreet Boys… and liked them.

As I grew up (aged), I had stuck on the rock genre along with its subgenres. Give credit to the Eraserheads, they made us all feel that every single thing can be made into a song and it will still sound good. In other words, poetic lyrics suck.

Right now, I’m a big fan of Breaking Benjamin. Yes, Breaking Benjamin. Haven’t heard of it? I figured. They’re not in the mainstream yet. And I don’t know if they will be. Anyway, every now and then, I try to look for new material that I can add to my playlist. Face it, it makes you sick listening to the same old Elvis song.

So as I browse into YouTube, I saw a video that  has “Acapella” in it. Not like it’s a big deal. This acapella thing is very common now,  thanks to the Gleeks. What makes this different though is that the user makes acapella covers of her favorite bands. Talk about Linkin Park, Sick Puppies, Evanescence, and yes, even Breaking Benjamin.

Dear music-lovers with open-ears, I present to you, user newbeginning212 and her rendition of Breaking Benjamin’s Give Me A Sign.

By the way, did I mention that she records all the parts of each song? No? Okay. Sorry. Just human. Anyway, you can check her own channel  here.

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As We Pay Homage to a Fossil

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I haven’t posted for a while. I guess nothing interesting has happened… until a few minutes ago. I got the news from that a certain research proved that the Triceratops didnt exist at all. Then I said “what?!”. They were not joking. It is for real. The Triceratops is just a younger version of a Torosaurus, which I honestly dont give a crap about.

A lot of things came to my head: Really? Woah! Are you serious? You gotta be kidding me! Holy Crap! Get out of here! I mean this is one of the beloved dinosaurs that pop-culture tried to inflict us. After all these years, it’s just a goddamn caterpillar to a Torosaurus’ butterfly (and again I dont give a crap how it looks like).

Next thing that came to my head was the Blue Ranger. Poor little thing. You represent the three-horned dino, you look like a loser, and in the end, you still are. So if the Power Rangers just be aired in the year 2010, Billy should be the Blue… Barney? Good thing I’m a solid Red Ranger fan.

And with that, we bid our goodbyes to a dinosaur we thought really existed, thought was a part of a great super team, and thought was our defense if in case the big T-Rex would come out to eat us (just in case they come back to haunt us). To you, dear Triceratops, we salute you. Roar!

Wait, they dont roar. What the heck!

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Strip Club: The Very First Adventure

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It’s no Mecca. It’s no oasis. It’s no any happy place you can think of. But for us men, there’s haven unseen on this place we simply call as strip clubs. Naked women hanging on poles, dancing to the tune of a tasteless song, we get the bliss that we want — if the price is right.

I’ve never been to one before. If my memory serves me well my late Dad treated me to some bar with a VIP Room but there are no naked women there so that doesn’t count. And yes, you read it right. My Dad treated me to a club’s VIP Room. Those were one of our rare, but eye-brow raising Father and Son moments. And don’t you wish you have a Dad like that?!

Three years ago the boys in the office had a night out and we decided to go to one of them in Aurora. I didn’t realize I have to be man enough to be inside the dark place because the next scenarios proved that I am not suitable to be in this place.

So all of us paid the entrance fee, seated next to the tables adjacent to the stage, and just watched them strip their clothes off. If you were there with me, you would really think it was my first time to see a naked lady when my jaw kept open while watching a stripper danced to the tune of Forevermore. Well, I was just over-reacting that time. But their acrobatic attempts just to show off their uhmmm… assets… is some talent that they should just keep to themselves.

And I didn’t realize they have DJ’s? With accents? Do they know that there are radio stations?

Anyway, the Mamasang approached us to ask if we want some u-know-what. And so, a flock of gorgeous ladies approached our area like we ordered buckets of KFC for dinner. My chick was named Cyril, obviously not her real name, on her 20’s and said she took up Nursing but stopped cause she needed some money for her expenses. Yeah right. Here’s the thing. Common scripted stories of these women are that they stopped studying… and that they took up Nursing. Just to keep things interesting, What’s with Nursing anyway?

I really don’t have the bucks that time so the first thing I asked was “May babayaran ba ako para sa’yo?”. And believe me there are more beginner mishaps that I experienced that night.  Next up, they were given their ladies’ drinks, would serve as their tip for the night. We are 6 all in all that night, and we were given a tip or some “receipt” for us to sign to. I don’t know what was wrong with the guys, but they kept passing it to the other until it came to me. The “receipt” stated 720, price of all the GRO’s seated beside us. And would a beginner do when he received that? Knowing that the boys will give their share, I signed the little piece of paper.

After that, calamity struck. Well not really. The guys  were just in rage and told me to sign just for me. Why? I turns out that if I sign it, we will have to pay for it (makes sense). I didn’t realize the boys don’t want to pay for theirs. Oh well, so we just have to enjoy the moment,   gave their share, and just talkto the ladies. Somebody offered me a VIP Room but that’s too much now.

When my lady’s drink was consumed, she asked me if I want to buy her another, which of course I said no. Then before I knew it, she was gone like she was saying “Kita na lang tayo sa Finals!”

The club was about to close when we came in so we didn’t stay long as well. The boys didn’t buy their GRO’s another drink as well, except for one. I could definitely remember how he looked like. He was seated on our back and leaned on his chair while being hugged by her lady. He really looked like some crime boss that night.

The night ended just that. We went home with no memories of those girls. Anyway, they’re not that interesting anyway. Don’t expect me to tell you something bizarre like I slept with all of those women. I am no Tucker Max and Barnet Stinson. This is the other story of some guy who did something that other playful guys would commonly do.

For me, it just went funny and annoying. But will I come back there? Geez! I don’t know.

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